How it works...

Bauhaus Brew Labs brews beer. Really really good beer. They love the earth. 

G-men does an outstanding job of garbage collection in our county. They love the earth. 

Northern Grounds relies on these two companies to provide the products and quality service you have all come to expect. Oh yeah, and we also love earth. 

So this earth day, come to Northern Grounds at Noon, pick up a bag & a location (all within walking distance). Fill the bag full of litter in your location. Return bag by 4pm Northern Grounds where Gmen will dispose of at No-Cost to you & enjoy Bauhaus Brews at No-Cost to you. 

This is the first annual. We hope this event will grow and grow. Contact Cindy at (218) 235-1990 with any questions. 

Locations and project are conducted with City approval. Must be 21 to be served alcohol. Underaged participants will receive other refreshments.