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Photo courtesy of Café Imports

Natural-processed coffee entails drying the coffee cherries whole on sheltered drying patios, to a relative moisture content of 16%. This causes a fermentation process during the drying process that set sugars and fruits flavors in the bean. This process typically takes 3-4 weeks and the coffee beds are monitored and turned on regular intervals.


Photo courtesy of Café Imports

Idido Farm Drying Tables in the heart of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe

From where coffee began its journey so many years ago, this light-roasted coffee of washed process Heirloom Arabica varietals has tasteful notes of wildberry, floral and vanilla captured during the roasting process. Grown at the Idido farm at an elevation of 6070-6168 feet above sea level in the Yirgacheffe growing region, this coffee dances on select palates.


Photo courtesy of Café Imports

Many washing stations are cooperatives of multiple farms in Ethiopia


Photo courtesy of Café Imports

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