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Visit our co-working space only at Northern Grounds coffee shop and wine bar. We serve you the Largest Wine-By-The-Glass Menu North of the Twin Cities. We also serve Freshly Roasted Single Origin Coffee and experience our signature coffee and drinks.

Beautifully Restored
Co-Working Space

With gorgeous natural light, many unique work stations to choose from, lightning-fast WiFi and access to our full menu downstairs- Society Hall at Northern Grounds is the ideal place to get work done!

Society Hall Workspace is an open-plan co-working space on the second floor of an iconic historic building in Downtown Ely, Minnesota. It’s a beautiful, natural-light-filled space with reliable high-speed internet and amenities where residents and visitors can work and network. The workspace operates daily, opening with Northern Grounds and closing at 5:00pm, with potential weekend exclusions to accommodate private events. Access to the space can be obtained by purchasing a day pass for $10.



Access our workspace here at Northern Grounds coffee shop and wine bar and enjoy our freshly roasted coffee. We thoughtfully prepare our food using quality ingredients.

Day Pass - $10 

Access to the space during open hours- limited number of passes available based on occupancy that day. Purchase pass at Northern Grounds.

14 Day Passes Punch Card - $100

Purchase punch card at Northern Grounds.


Can I hold meetings in this space?

While we do not have private meeting spaces available, Society Hall Workspace visitors may hold quiet meetings in the space. We ask that you not hold more than one meeting per week in the workspace and be respectful of those working by keeping volumes reasonable and not planning extended meetings. We cannot accommodate private meetings and suggest that you keep in mind that others may be working or having meetings in the space during your meeting. If you have more than 3 attendees planned for your meeting, please check with our staff well in advance to make sure your party can be accommodated by emailing 


Can I participate in virtual (Zoom/Google Meeting/Microsoft Team) meetings in this space? 

Yes, but headphones are required while doing so to be respectful of others around you working.

Is there an elevator to this space?

No. Society Hall Workspace is a private co-working space located on the second floor of a historic building with no elevator. 

Can I take phone calls and talk in the space?

Yes, but we ask that you keep your volume at a reasonable level and limit the number of calls so as not to disturb others working in the space. 


Can I bring my child(ren) to Society Hall Workspace?  

Sorry, no. Society Hall Workspace is a professional co-working space, children are not allowed. Thank you for understanding. 


Can I leave my belongings in the space to hold my spot if I need to leave?

Please take your belongings with you if you need to leave the building, and sign out when leaving. You do not need to take your belongings with you if you are going downstairs, but note that Northern Grounds / Jasper Company is not liable for any theft or damage. 

Can I expect the space to be totally quiet?

No, you should not expect Society Hall Workspace to be completely quiet as we are an open-plan co-working space. We do however, ask visitors to be respectful of one another and keep speaking volume low. If you are bothered by noise, we highly recommend bringing noise-canceling headphones to listen to music or choosing an alternative/private office space.

My work isn’t done on a laptop. Can I still work in space if I have equipment or require space to spread out? 

Unfortunately, Society Hall Workspace is not conducive to working on easels, monitors or other gear based enterprise. This was a decision made for the benefit of all visitors.


-No children are allowed in Society Hall. 

-Only certified service animals are allowed. 

-Noise should be expected, but keep volume level low to be respectful of those around you. 

-Headphones are required if you are participating in a virtual meeting. 

-No outside food is allowed. No outside beverages are allowed with the exception of water.  

-Society Hall operates daily, opening with Northern Grounds coffee shop & wine bar and closing at 5:00 p.m. There are occasional private events that will close the workspace on Saturdays and Sundays - these closings will be posted in the stairwell in advance. You may also call ahead for weekend operation plans.

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