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Specialty Coffees


Northern Grounds Single Origin Coffee

Northern Grounds Coffee is freshly-roasted in small batches. We take special care to insure that you are getting the best cup possible, whether by the bag or out of the coffee pot at our shop!

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The Serra Negra (“Black Mountain”) coffee growing region of Brazil
at approximately 750-1100 MASL.

Photo courtesy of Café Imports


Brazil: Serra Negra

Our dark roast Brazilian coffee originates in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Translated as “Black Mountain,”Serra Negra coffee beans are grown at altitudes from 2,950 to 3,937 feet above sea level.

     It is a natural-processed coffee consisting of Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, and Catuai Arabica varietals, and rides the fine line between a Viennese Roast and a French Roast with notes mahogany, dark chocolate, and carmelized bitters. It has a heavy, smooth mouth feel that has succumbed to the dark side, developed into the second crack of the roasting process.

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Colombian Coffee Farm

Photo courtesy of Café Imports

Colombia: Excelso

Our Colombian is a multi-farm, varietal blend of washed process Castile, Caturra, and Colombia Arabica varietals. “Excelso” refers to the grade of beans, which are grown at altitudes from 4,593 to 6,562 feet above sea level.


This Full City roast sits comfortably in middle ground of the development of the roasting process with notes of nougat, milk chocolate and peanuts.

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Many washing stations are cooperatives of multiple farms in Ethiopia

Photo courtesy of Café Imports

Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe

From where coffee began its journey so many years ago, this light-roasted coffee of washed process Heirloom Arabica varietals has tasteful notes of wildberry, floral and vanilla captured during the roasting process. Grown at the Idido farm at an elevation of 6070-6168 feet above sea level in the Yirgacheffe growing region, this coffee dances on select palates.

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El Triunfo Biosphere Seedlings

Photo courtesy of Café Imports

Mexican Decaf

We tip our hats to decaf drinkers that have come to the cupping table for flavor alone in a world of caffeine. Our this light-roast decaf coffee holds notes of cinnamon, wheat, and cardamom. This coffee comes from the CESMACH Cooperative of the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve grown of Bourbon, Typica, and Mundo Novo varietals. The coffee cherries are depulped and go through a washed process, and then are naturally decaffeinated in a mountain water process. Both Fair Trade and Organic, this coffee is grown at an elevation of 3280-5906 feet above sea level in southern Mexico, and is roasted fresh right here, up near the Canadian Border in downtown Ely, MN.

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Northern Grounds Espresso Blend

Slightly dark and wonderfully devasting, our Espresso Blend is crafted to be a fully developed Vienna roast to take a reservation of tart cherry and bittersweet chocolate in your cup. A combination of washed and natural process coffees of Heirloom, Caturra, and Bourbon varietals from three different regions of the world, this coffee is a brilliant 1-2-3; Paper Filter, Drip, or French Press.

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Many washing stations are cooperatives of multiple farms in Ethiopia

Photo courtesy of Café Imports

Yama brewing photo

Northern Grounds House Blend

Our COOPAC Fair Trade Organic Washed Bourbon varietal coffee of Rwanda is teamed with varietals from Central Valley of Costa Rica offered through Oxcart Coffee of Latin America to create a roast that is nutty, savory, and a subtly sweet berry cup. This medium roast staple coffee is used for Northern Ground’s signature Cold Press, yet is our best middle-ground coffee for any of your home brewing needs.

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